Humanist Weddings,Namings and Funerals

Imagine a ceremony that marks a major life event in a way that is personal, sincere, and honest…

  • A wedding that reflects your love for each other
  • Perhaps welcoming a much-loved baby to the world with a bespoke naming ceremony.
  • Or a funeral that focuses on the person who has died and the life they led – not on the idea of an afterlife – and provides a dignified and sincere way of saying goodbye.

I’m  Steve Emmett, a humanist celebrant working across Yorkshire and The Humber – but I will travel anywhere if requested. I am trained, accredited and insured by Humanists UK to work as a professional celebrant. I will work with you to create an intensely personalised ceremony, an event that will be a lasting memory.

I think most non-religious people are humanists if they only realised it, and I enjoy talking to people about Humanism and its philosophy. In my part of England there are some who are quite hostile to the idea of a humanist ceremony – believing that only a religious wedding or funeral, or a christening, is proper. Invariably, they are among the people who come to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it. Some assume that because a ceremony is non-religious or ‘atheist’ it is about being negative, but this could not be more wide of the mark. Humanist ceremonies are uplifting events, each one unique to the people involved.

Much more to come to this, my new site, but in the meantime you can find and all  my ceremonies at: